Handbooks and other Guides

Here are a few of the books that are out there that provide overview information for communities looking to understand and support transgender and gender creative children and youth. Check back for more extensive reviews of each of these resources:


The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper (Cleis Press: 2008)

This is an excellent place to start for an overview of major aspects of supporting trans* and gender creative children, youth, and their families. It includes chapters on family systems, emotional development of children and youth, medical and physiological overviews (including information on puberty, Tanner’s stages, etc.). As the name suggests, it is geared toward both parent/guardians as well as professionals.

 The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. by Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney (Cleis Press: 2016)

This is Brill’s corollary book to The Transgender Child.

Transgender Children and Youth: cultivating pride and joy with families in transition. by Elija C. Nealy (Norton & Co., Inc.: 2017)

This extensive book covers a wide range of topic from social transitions, to supporting families, to transitions to college. It is primarily written for mental health providers but offers some good information that is applicable across many settings.