Resources for parents to read

Gender Born/Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-non-conforming children. by Diane Eherensaft

This book comes takes a psychological/therapeutic approach to coaching families around gender and children. It has a particular focus on helping parents understand and navigate the world of gender non-conforming children.

The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper (Cleis Press: 2008)

This is an excellent place to start for an overview of major aspects of supporting trans* and gender creative children, youth, and their families. It includes chapters on family systems, emotional development of children and youth, medical and physiological overviews (including information on puberty, Tanner’s stages, etc.). As the name suggests, it is geared toward both parent/guardians as well as professionals.

 The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. by Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney (Cleis Press: 2016)

This is Brill’s corollary book to The Transgender Child.

The Conscious Parent's Guide to Gender Identity: A Mindful Approach to Embracing Your Child's Authentic Self. by Darlene Tando

Gender Neutral Parenting: Raising kids with the freedom to be themselves. by Paige Lucas-Stannord (Verity Press: 2013)

Written by the founder of ParentingGently, this book takes a broader look at the role of gender and the way it influences parenting and children. After a brief overview of terminology, the book takes on many gender stereotypes. While the book doesn’t always offer much depth, the short segments would allow for this to serve as a good foundation for a class or discussion group.

Helping your Transgender Teen: A guide for parents by Irwin Krieger (Genderwise Press: 2011) 

This book comes out of a Social Work perspective and serves as a good resource for parents who want to gain a better understanding of trans teen experience. It is particularly useful for parents whose teen identifies as MtF or FtM as it specifically deals with puberty and transition from that perspective. A lot has changed since it was published in 2011 and so parents of non-binary or otherwise GNC teens may find this book less in line with their experience.


Memoirs from parents of trans and gnc children/youth:

Raising my Rainbow: Adventures in raising a fabulous gender creative son. by Lori Duran

Adapted from her blog by the same name, this book chronicles one mother’s journey with her gender creative child. It is a very accessible read in a narrative style. Her blog can be found at:

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Raising a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached. by Hillary Whittington (Harper Collins, 2016)

This is the story of a San Diego family whose child came out as transgender at a very early age. This book would be particularly helpful to read for families who are or have politically and/or religiously conservative relatives as this family needed to navigate their own and their family's relationship to conservative Christianity and were able to find a way forward to support their son.