Resources to use in Lifespan Religious Education/Exploration and Family Ministry Programs

This site is meant to be a collaborative resource where religious educators can share and find examples of lesson plans, modules, and other resources they have developed and used in their context. Please consider submitting your examples using the e-mail in the sidebar. All resources will be given proper attribution. Content of these resources remain the sole property of the original author(s) and may be used for educational purposes only with full attribution.


Children's Religious Education Leader retreat training module on expanding gender in the classroom. Developed for First UU San Diego 2016 (Melissa James)


Resource List from the 2017 "Supporting Gender Non-Comforming Children and Their Families" Faith Development Office Webinar.

K-1 Lesson based on the book "Red: A Crayons Journey." Developed to be integrated into the "Creating Home" Tapestry of Faith Curriculum. (Melissa James)


Your lesson/resource here! Are you a religious professional or lay leader in a faith community who has developed a training, lesson, or resource that might help others? Please submit them to genderjustfaith and help us build a wide network of gender-just faith communities!