About the Training

The initial conceptualization of this training drew heavily from the "Transitioning to Inclusion: A Guide to Welcoming Transgender Children and Their Families in your Community of Faith" resource developed by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLGS) out of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. Click to button below to check out this helpful resource.

Interested in going deeper with your congregation or fellowship? We are currently accepting applications for beta test sites for the Communities of Resilience and Strength Children, Youth, and Family solidarity training. See the outline below then fill out the contact sheet for more information.

Transitioning to Inclusion Worskhops outline:

In every session:

An opening including a Chalice lighting

First Voice: we hear or read stories directly from trans and gnc children, youth, and families

Topics and activities to bring us deeper into the work


Homework: readings, activities, or questions to ponder before the next gathering

Session 1:

Chalice lighting

First Voice

Introductions and reviewing the flow of training


Activity: What we know, what we wonder, what we want to know

Topic 1: Discussion and Framework: Reviewing trans 101;

Activity: Centering stories of Trans and GNC children and youth

Integrative Activity: Terminology BINGO

Integrative Activity: Myths and Facts




Session 2:

Chalice Lighting

First Voice: Raising Ryland Video and Discussion


Topic 1: Self-assessment: our own gender journeys

Activity: Telling the story: Pillars and Lava

Topic 2: Community Values that support inclusion

Integrative Activity: Implicit and explicit values





Session 3:

Chalice Lighting

First Voice

Topic 1: intersectionality, power, privilege, and microagressions

Topic 1: Shifting the Frame: Gender Justice Models and Family Ministry


Homework: Congregational Assessment



Session 4:

Chalice lighting

First Voice

Topic 1: Congregational Assessment Discussion

Integrative activity: visions and barriers

Topic 2: Taking the next steps

Closing ritual

Beta Test for Solidarity Training.

We are currently accepting applications to be a part of the beta test of the Solidarity Training. If you are interested in offering this training at your congregation/fellowship, please fill out the form below.

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